Telling stories for brands from Cornish water



Good living • Water loving • Brand comms specialist


Living well in Cornwall.

Drawn to live by the sea. I moved from London to Cornwall in 2012, after surfing introduced me to what life could be like living by the sea. I’m a brand communications specialist with a career spanning PR, brand & marketing, across categories including health, food, travel, lifestyle and the kids market.

This is a place to capture our ‘well-th’ journey, our route to living as happily as possible. Following various injuries and health issues, we’re striving to live the best we can. Nick and I are constantly updating our approach to living well, through food and lifestyle choices to help maintain a healthy mind and body.

We live in a converted farmhouse, slowly building our space with plants and reclaimed elements. The process has become my healthy escape and meditation. Being as green and eco-friendly with our living choices is becoming ever more important.

We live near Mawgan Porth, where we also offer surf lessons, wild swimming and cold water therapy sessions at The Surf Club Cornwall.


Re-focusing our health

Every day provides a chance to improve our body and mind.

I’ve faced many moments of near burn out during my career. I was never very good at naturally knowing when to rest… I would just ignore the signs because I hadn’t understood what really made my body relax properly.

Both physical injuries and mental exhaustion have played their part in wearing me down throughout different experiences in my life, and I’ve now come to the point where I need to be making more of an effort to live better.

So, I hope you enjoy following our trials of different routines to help us become the fittest and healthiest form of ourselves in our 30s and 40s. The best is yet to come!